Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trend Alert: Flatforms

I know you are probably like what in the world is a Flatform lol. But the name speaks for itself. Its basically platform shoes but flat, hence the name flatform. This trend was out in the 90's around the time the Spice Girls were popular, but recently came back in existence around Spring 11 and starting catching on around this Spring season.  I purchased a pair of Flatforms made by Tracy Reese and I absolutely love them! This is not the first time I purchased a pair of her shoes and I have no complaints about my fringe and tassel boots.
They have a snake skin print on the front which is also a trend now.
The shoes are soooo comfy! They add to any outfit and they go great with Maxi
dresses and skirts. 
Click the picture to see it clearly. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trend Alert-Ash Sneakers

About Ash Footwear
"Ash was founded in 2000 from the passion and the knowledge of two great creative minds: Leonello Calvani and Patrick Ithier. Both with experience in the luxury shoe market, Calvani and Ithier worked for such top names as Charles Jourdan and Stephane Kelian. Their partnership was formed out of their mutual stylistic and commercial taste and a desire for edgy and unique contemporary footwear.

Their shoes reflect their background in French luxury design, merged with Italian leathers and craftsmanship. The philosophy of Ash was created on two main ideas: the selection of the distribution and the price competition, while creating cool unique products for fashion forward consumers. Ash shoes target the fashion conscious generation of men and women who travel to the style capitals of the world, always setting trends, never following them.

The goal of Ash is to be able to grow the net of a single brand investing on the European market, but also expanding in Asia and the United States, a clear sign of the willingness of the brand to become the leader in contemporary footwear. After the great success of the boutiques in London, Paris and Barcelona, Ash recently opened the first flagship in Rome in Via Frattina 113 at the center of the capital.

Glamour and originality of the styles are always at the base of the philosophy of the brand, starting from the architectural concept of each store. The retail space reflect the brand’s edginess, unique products and philosophy. Leather walls, stone floors, bold graphics and eye-catching window displays create the contrast of old world charm with modern aesthetics and interesting concepts. All retail stores carry a wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes as well as other leather accessories.

Ash plans to expand its retail stores by opening two stores in August in Athens, and Copenhagen and plans to expand to Taipei, Tokyo, Milan, Seoul, Paris, and New York City as well as several other locations in the coming months." 

 I have a pair of their Black Studded Sneakers and I absolutely love them because I'm not really a sneaker person, but when I put these shoes on I feel as if I have on a really comfortable pair of wedges.It adds to the everyday jeans and T-shirt look.  

Jourdan Dunn

Bowie Wedge Sneaker Apple Suede 


Bowie Wedge Sneaker Black/Stone 


Bowie Wedge Sneaker Orange Suede 


Bowie Wedge Sneaker Fuxia Suede 


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